Minding my Business

Minding my business
Going about my day
A message hits my handset
Good moods go away
“It’s been a while
I’ve had time to think
Now I know it’s you
That took us to the brink
I’ve reworked the past
Retold all our tales
It was you that damned us
Caused those many fails
Remember than once
Recall when you said
I now think you were lying
Playing games in you head
Ive had time to recover
I forgive you for your sin
This isn’t meant to upset
I needed to offload to re-begin”
I write a response
Set it all straight
Clear my name
But wait
Winning this isn’t my aim
She’s needing a reason
She’s wanting to blame
To deny her that
Might leave her lame
So I say I’m ok
I say she is right
Suck it all up
And hope she sleeps tonight

Does she more than I do?

Is she more in than me?
We are happy but it’s hard to see
Who loves who
Does she more than I do?
She said I’m the best
A new standard for the rest
Did she mean I’m the last?
Her dating days now past
Somehow I know more
Can judge clearly versus before
Know we a close to peak
But I’m worried when we speak
She says women would take her place
That she’s worried she’ll lose the race
When I don’t think like that
Don’t worry she’ll be a love rat
Know she’s more in to me
But all I can do is let it be

Commuter Train Surprise

I fell in love for a minute
My heart leaped out of my mouth
A singular look like no other
She drew me out of myself.
The line of her brow,
The glow of her eyes
The promise of true beauty
My commuter train surprise.
Just past Bond Street
She glanced across at me
Surging pulse, sensational
More excited than I have a right to be.
She’s checking directions
I’m planning dates
No idea what to say
This isn’t a love that waits.
We enter the station
The doors slide apart
She walks onto the platform
The end before we can start.

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