With trust comes happiness
If trust is rewarded with loyalty
Believe in those close to you
Invest love and respect in them
Communicate difficulties
Make good the poor patterns of the past
Hold hands intimately and give
Let go the learned behaviour
Forget distrust for the trusted
Accept that pain may follow
But to trust is to connect
Connecting leading to belonging
Community, family, love

No Drama

At ease
No drama
Just pleased
To have met someone so
Well matched and well suited
To a together that stretches from sofa
To plans for a new year and beyond, with love
A merry Christmas and happy new future to enjoy
Her kiss, her thoughts, her voices, her eyes, her
All that’s been missing, all that’s been wanted
A person to work with to make an us and
Two happy individuals doing good
Great days and nights
A home,

Find a Place

A long day of trials and tests
To and fro, working out what’s best
Separate and end, or go again
A waste or good time to spend
Remembering the what and why
Of how we came to be, then try
To make feelings, relations re relate
To break this morbid stagnant state
I’d rather end than carry on
But the love in us was once so strong
So let’s see if we can find a patch
Then rebuild this once great match
In your eyes I see the spark
I saw back then when we did start
Out in this journey full and free
Come on, Let’s find a place for you and me

Office Awash with Tinselled Staff

It’s beginning to feel like Christmas
Commuters tired on the tube
Shoppers on busy oxford street
Travellers bickering and being rude
Novelty jumpers worn just once
An office awash with tinselled staff
Mince pies, chocolate supplies
Twinkling lights so very naff
Queues of parents for the “must have” toy
Clothes bought to at party deploy
Cards and cards and cards and cards
Chintzy wrapping measured by the yard
Wizard, wham singing tunes
Grandad, grandma busting moves
Tv like there was none before
Carol singing for the poor
Remembering those you wish were here
Prayers to counter hate and fear
Bah humbug and merry wishes
Comfort eating calorific dishes
Everyone involved in family fun
Celebrating a year past, new one begun
Christmas comes just once a year
Love and hope to all, far and near

I Can See You

I can see you
With every word shared
Every layer you pull back
More of you comes into us
More of me meets you
I listen to you
I watch you
I’m fascinated by you
Every step gives rise to
Emotions and thoughts
What it’s been to be you
How you have felt
The things you’ve seen
From an open start with truth
The future seems better
Plans become a source of hope
Together we can be ourselves
Be happy, be loved
Simply I’m excited
This is right.

Red Mist

When you’re raw, it’s hard
Hard to keep the tears in and the fears out
Days of happiness turned
On a few words.
The bright day falls to dark night
Emotions, heartache, take flight
Nothing you can do to make it right
Best to let it be.
Emerge from mist red
See what you could have done instead
Learn that what was said
Was born of love

Love From The Start

She’s got opinions
A mind of her own
The will to make points
But never to moan
She’s quick and perceptive
Cruelty leads to her rage
She’s observant and strong
Super wise for her age
She’s well read and astute
Sees folk for what they are
She’s committed and loyal
This woman sure will go far
She has light in her eyes
And with hope in her heart
We can forge a life
Based on love from the start

I Dare Not Say

I love you
But dare not say
Just in case you
You don’t feel that way
In case in time
I change my mind
And you don’t
Don’t feel that way

A Time From Before

Slipping back, slipping back
A time from before
Regressing, returning
To a space that’s no more
Investigating, testing
Thinking through again
Draining the reasons
The meaning of back then
Would you now do similar?
Would the end be the same?
Would you want to be different?
Would you give in to his game?
Could you manage the person
Navigate troubles past
Are you more than you were
Rethought, was the old set to last?
Coming back to the present
Should you rekindle that flame?
Or go on with learned lessons
Having found what’s to blame

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