Set of Sun

Pinks, blues, pastel hues,
Edge of bright dry day.
A last hurrah, of blended colour,
To set sun on its way.
The smile of sky, left on high,
Reminds all, how good it’s been,
To live and love, purest blue above,
Now lost to night serene.

New Romantic

Are you romantic?
Why can’t you be more romantic?
Hopeful and damning but what do we mean?
Why refer to something unknown, never seen
Romance is dead, more romance is undefined
What we want, or want to be is totally entwined
I simply want someone to care how I am
Think of my day, my feelings, of me being their man
I want someone to share with, care for, protect
Talk to, think of, make happy, respect
Two people experiencing new lands as one
Two with eyes wide open like life has just begun
Someone to lie with, a hand to hold
Someone to look to over the years as we grow old
A romance can be a story about how we come to be
Our romance is a life together as you and I excel as we

Love, let it out

Fingers muddy at the potters wheel
Paint on canvas shows how you feel
Write love poems to get it out
Express yourself; dance, sing, shout
Boy meets girl and infatuate
In days of meeting, feelings great
Swollen heart and mind blown
Not ever wanting to be alone
He dreams of her and she of him
What a way for relations to begin
Too much to hold inside one head
Have to express your joy instead

Love your life

Blank page, clean slate
It’s up to you what you make
Curves or a straight line
Paint fast or take your time
Draw an expansive landscape
Sketch a fantasy portrait
Use colours bright or grey
It’s your decision every day
Make of this new start
A desire from the heart
Of this new page
A happier new stage
No matter what you do
Make sure the work, works for you

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