The Selfish One

It’s confusing that you’re never
Going to make the time
To listen to my problems
I’ll take it as a sign
That the care you have is selfish
Aimed at you and you alone
You don’t want strong relations
You can’t build a happy home
You’ve told me I’m not caring
You’ve said I have to raise my game
But if one of us is failing
Then you’re the one to blame
You could have asked me how I’m doing
Could have made more space for me
Instead you started hurling insults
You passed out pain so willingly
Now I’ve seen what you are doing
I can’t rest until we are done
From now our bond is broken
I’m off, away from this selfish one

Broken Dreams

Broken dreams
Surround me it seems
Desires when I was life sure
Are torn apart, no more
A marriage at an end
Friendships I can’t mend
Close family at war
Bruised, battered and sore
You had given me hope
New dreams, emotions evoked
Hand held
Past demons felled
You felt what I felt
Lives meld
Differences were always there
Issues, conflicting beliefs aired
As all else merged
These conflicts diverged
Try as hard as we might
Our love forced them tight
But never together.
This dream wasn’t real
Despite the appeal
Of a new hope new goal
A chance to form one whole
Love. Defining what life means
Amongst a field of broken dreams

Billboard Beauty

Perfect person where art thou
From an eye seeing every flaw
A thousand people cross my path
From each the aesthetic could be more

Too heavy, too light,
Ill fitting clothes not right
Sagging necks, rounded hips
Over filled figures, under filled lips

Snap chat filter faces
Billboard smooth skin
Washboard six pack
This isn’t beauty. Fact

Exotic unusual.
Diverse, not seen before
Non conforming characteristics
Perfect imperfect is beauty’s core

Dance not Trance

Locked faces on static seats
Sounds and motion but no beats
Rigid lines file into tube and train
Dead eyes, doing it again and again
Grey sky, grey suit, grey head
Heart asleep and body dead

Roll the menu, pick a tune
Feel excitement, it’s coming soon
Stream online, mind awake
Smile widens deep breath intake
Soul jumps as the base pumps
Closed eyes see golden skies

Toe taps, head shifts, hands play
There’s nothing you can’t do today
Raging crimson against commuter lull
Alive, given up to the music pull
Break the mindless trance
Grasp this salvation chance
Dance, dance, dance

Endless Seas

At ease
Endless seas

Two Peas

You and I are different
Two peas from altered pods
We start from dissimilar places
Dissimilar views, dissimilar gods
Physically, strong attraction
Mentally, vibrant interaction
Spiritually, we can coexist
Holistically, can we make a go of this?
I believe; if I can stay as me
If you can remain as you
Both Not tying to force opinion
Both Not trying to change a view
Then, there’s hope that two, can
Never one become
But be more than their separate selves
One plus one does three sum

No Demands

Smooth skinned
Bright eyed
Hold my hand

So different
Drawn in
Not planned

In the moment
Right now
I’m your man

Talk and trust
Challenge me
But no demands

Be calm
Don’t lean forward
Gentle every way I can

Feel at home
Hope she’ll come
Take as much time as you can stand

Ready for him

Cold and calm
Prepped for arm in arm
Be cool, look good
Do as you should
Don’t share too soon
Ask how he’s doing
Talk all about him
Give away nothing
If asked, stay cool
Be fun, not the fool
Stay loose, chat
Know where it’s at
Need him less,
than he needs you
Stay in control
Know what to do
If you like him, let on
Be strong.
That’s the best way to see it through.

Self destructive fall

Little by little, by every step that he took
The story played out as if in a book
His prologue; a poisoned childhood
Early chapters; him up to no good
His turning point love for a woman
In who’s name he’d summon
The best of himself and all he could be
To save her and their combined destiny
But on this grey day, autumn commute
Before he’d met her, he was in dispute
Fighting himself, self destructive fall
Trying at things no conviction at all
No goals, no hopes, no dreams
No idea yet of what life means

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