Braille Man

He walks through life at peace
He’s come to terms with pain
He takes insults with ease
It’s not fear on his face engrained
There’s nothing he can do
So little he can say
To refresh judgements, to renew
He was just made this way
From birth he bore the mark
Covered in dots and mounds
But he’s so much more
Than the skin he now confounds
He’s grown beyond his growths
He’s determined not to fail
He will make of life the most
He’s not just the man of Braille

Quiet before the Storm

Quiet before the storm
No sign of what’s to come
Silence, hours after dawn
Still warmth of the sun
No one seems to know
Though I’m feeling sick
Stomach shaking so
The news approaches quick
A last look into eyes
Innocent until they hear
Parents groans and sighs
The maelstrom very near
A last laugh out loud
A smile of loving care
Then into a veil of cloud
Strong winds you cannot bare
Words stick in the throat
Sound carries meanings raw
No attempt to sugar coat
The fact we are no more
What was one is now
Split and separate
No point in why or how
The break is definite
So convey the message
Say that you do feel
Keep the young ones safe
But tell them this is real
They will adapt to change
The fix here is for the best
Future happiness arranged
In two divided nests
Their eyes forever wiser
You hope their hearts will trust
You’ve been honest, fair
And your reasoning is just

Founded on the Sand

Of all the things to do
Of all the things to happen
He had to say “we’re through”
Had to leave me cold and barren
The house we had been building
Turns out was founded on the sand
The rains have washed away our home
And left me alone in a foreign land
There’s nothing left of us
No sense in trying to mend the rift
He has cleansed his heart of me
Cut me loose, detached, adrift

Greener Grass?

Tell me what you see
When you are looking at me
Tell me what you believe
When you say you’re going to leave
Do you think there is greener grass?
Do you think all that’s good has come to pass?
You’re being hard, making no sense
Talking about us in the past tense
Without reason or seeming cause
You’ve pressed stop, put us on pause
I hear you tell me we are no good
That breaking ups right, we should
There’s a happier life out there to find
If we just let our entwined bond unwind
But you are my anchor, my centre, my heart
I’m no where near ready for us to part
So be warned I will fight for a you and me
Fight to keep us on track for destiny
We’ve had a bad moment, we’ve fallen
But we can get up and resume our calling
Because when I think of a life without you
It’s enough to change all, do all I can do
This was love and for me it will ever be thus
You’re my heart, my soul, I truly believe in us

I had fallen

Sure footed I rise
Take my place
Stand tall

Your love removed
Heart ripped open
I had fallen

The floor was cold
My cure remote
Prone, abandoned

Time passed slowly
Each day hurt
Pain became familiar

One morning the sun
Shed gentle warmth
Spring was coming

Now, sure footed I rise
Take my place
Stand tall
But I hold onto my pain

Morning love

You’re my fascination
My goal on waking
Dark brown comfort
Stops me shaking
We walk hand in hand
Journey to work together
There to energise and remake me
Everyday, no matter the weather
It started with a kiss
Lips melded onto plastic lid
Grateful to get my hit
This is my caffeine love

Online date

Away from the lads for a second
He checks on his phone
Makes out like it was for the sport
Sees no message, feels alone

They’d chatted online for days
Before he’d managed to ask her
A number and a chance to meet
Different, she was like no other

They’d met in the park
A simple conversation, seemed safe
He’d over thought his lines
He’d worried she’d want to escape

It had started naturally well
They’d talked just like their texts
He’d relaxed, she’d opened up
Time had flown, neither vexed

An hour had turned into two
Coffees, holding hands, laughs
The sun had shone on them
Familiar at first meeting, no gaffs

A single kiss on parting
He’d felt a fire in his eyes
He’d texted later that night
But so far no replies.

Confused. He’s now not sure
Doesn’t know where he stands
Did she even like him?
Why doesn’t she text?
He wants to know
He wants to make plans

So he steals moments at work
To check on his phone
But until she says it went well
He feels broken, all alone

Love from the shadows

Look into the shadows, what do you see?
A threat, a fear, someone staring at thee?
Focus on your demons, what do they say?
Do they set your objectives and limit your day?
It’s here in darkness in the corner of your room
Where deepest hate resides, and nightmares loom
You may feel locked in, bound to carry your woes
But no path is closed off, you’re not left to your foes
There are no walls to your prison, look up, you’ll see
You’re only stopping yourself, let go and you are free
Free to clear out your demons, banish your fear
Free to bring light into your life, to set a path clear
Of the shackles of history, the guilt of what’s gone
To reach to be your potential, not what you came from
Look into the shadows, and with love shining bright
Remove your limits, your echoes, awake from the night

Tongue Tied

Tongue tied
Words stopped
Brain fried
Flow cropped
No easy chat
No simple topic
Will fear combat
To launch our epic
Not until I say
The throat stuck
Buried away
Burgeoning crux
A year of knowing
Months of us
Long time growing
Sometimes discussed
But now, dumbstruck
No other, no maybe
Will do.
I love you my baby.

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