Endless Seas

At ease
Endless seas

Two Peas

You and I are different
Two peas from altered pods
We start from dissimilar places
Dissimilar views, dissimilar gods
Physically, strong attraction
Mentally, vibrant interaction
Spiritually, we can coexist
Holistically, can we make a go of this?
I believe; if I can stay as me
If you can remain as you
Both Not tying to force opinion
Both Not trying to change a view
Then, there’s hope that two, can
Never one become
But be more than their separate selves
One plus one does three sum

No Demands

Smooth skinned
Bright eyed
Hold my hand

So different
Drawn in
Not planned

In the moment
Right now
I’m your man

Talk and trust
Challenge me
But no demands

Be calm
Don’t lean forward
Gentle every way I can

Feel at home
Hope she’ll come
Take as much time as you can stand

Ready for him

Cold and calm
Prepped for arm in arm
Be cool, look good
Do as you should
Don’t share too soon
Ask how he’s doing
Talk all about him
Give away nothing
If asked, stay cool
Be fun, not the fool
Stay loose, chat
Know where it’s at
Need him less,
than he needs you
Stay in control
Know what to do
If you like him, let on
Be strong.
That’s the best way to see it through.

Self destructive fall

Little by little, by every step that he took
The story played out as if in a book
His prologue; a poisoned childhood
Early chapters; him up to no good
His turning point love for a woman
In who’s name he’d summon
The best of himself and all he could be
To save her and their combined destiny
But on this grey day, autumn commute
Before he’d met her, he was in dispute
Fighting himself, self destructive fall
Trying at things no conviction at all
No goals, no hopes, no dreams
No idea yet of what life means

Wallflower Sigh

She’d be in love
If only she could
Romeo’s roll by
Wallflower sigh
Guy at the laundrette
Eyes electric met
Panicked at what he said
Mixed her white with red
She gave tinder a go
But needed to know
What to do or say, in every way
She ditched on dating day
Quiet soul
Looking to become whole
Not seeing on her own
The risk, the unknown
How being open, exposed
Is needed to try to close
Your hand on another
That loves the real you, your real lover

Can’t look the day in the eye

It’s a sunny day
So why don’t I feel that way
I’m blue thinking about us
With no future, I can’t focus

Everywhere, a mood of hope
So why exactly can’t I cope
There’s trouble in my mind
Trouble of the unsettling kind

People at their highest height
So why should I take flight
It’s wrong, what we’ve got is wrong
No hiding that I don’t belong

Skies might be clear and bright
But that doesn’t mean all is right
The end for us is nigh, that’s why
I can’t look the day in the eye

What she tried to hide

It’s feeling increasingly clear
This woman has played me
Over our long twenty years
She’s lied and deceived me.
Withheld her heart
Not said as much
Held herself apart
No contact, no touch
It’s been left to me to find
All she has hidden, myself
Even now absent of mind
Not caring but for herself
Now more games begin
Driving a bloody wedge
Between me and “her kin”
All I did was to try
To have a loving life
So I’ll have that with the kids
And now I’ll find a loving “wife”
I won’t question why she lied
Why the truth was locked inside
It was treachery trying to hide
What she constantly denied

Right to go back?

Coming or going
Don’t know if I’m coming or going
Right to go on, right to go back?
I love her but it’s right to change tack
Her heart is set, her heart is pure
We like the same things, want for no more
She is attractive, sexy, fit and on fire
Beautiful, one of whom I won’t tire
When we talk deep on opinions core
We don’t match, meet or each other endure
She is caring, considerate, and loving too
If you need her there is nothing she won’t do
This love warrants life, for which she will care
But I’ve already done that and already been there
I’m science she’s not, she has faith when I don’t
She’s fire when I’m ice, I flex when she won’t
My light, my love, my baby, my one
Don’t know if to go back or to push on
This split doesn’t feel wrong, doesn’t feel bad
But I don’t know how to leave this love, that we’ve had.

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