Find a Place

A long day of trials and tests
To and fro, working out what’s best
Separate and end, or go again
A waste or good time to spend
Remembering the what and why
Of how we came to be, then try
To make feelings, relations re relate
To break this morbid stagnant state
I’d rather end than carry on
But the love in us was once so strong
So let’s see if we can find a patch
Then rebuild this once great match
In your eyes I see the spark
I saw back then when we did start
Out in this journey full and free
Come on, Let’s find a place for you and me

Office Awash with Tinselled Staff

It’s beginning to feel like Christmas
Commuters tired on the tube
Shoppers on busy oxford street
Travellers bickering and being rude
Novelty jumpers worn just once
An office awash with tinselled staff
Mince pies, chocolate supplies
Twinkling lights so very naff
Queues of parents for the “must have” toy
Clothes bought to at party deploy
Cards and cards and cards and cards
Chintzy wrapping measured by the yard
Wizard, wham singing tunes
Grandad, grandma busting moves
Tv like there was none before
Carol singing for the poor
Remembering those you wish were here
Prayers to counter hate and fear
Bah humbug and merry wishes
Comfort eating calorific dishes
Everyone involved in family fun
Celebrating a year past, new one begun
Christmas comes just once a year
Love and hope to all, far and near

Love From The Start

She’s got opinions
A mind of her own
The will to make points
But never to moan
She’s quick and perceptive
Cruelty leads to her rage
She’s observant and strong
Super wise for her age
She’s well read and astute
Sees folk for what they are
She’s committed and loyal
This woman sure will go far
She has light in her eyes
And with hope in her heart
We can forge a life
Based on love from the start

I Dare Not Say

I love you
But dare not say
Just in case you
You don’t feel that way
In case in time
I change my mind
And you don’t
Don’t feel that way

A Time From Before

Slipping back, slipping back
A time from before
Regressing, returning
To a space that’s no more
Investigating, testing
Thinking through again
Draining the reasons
The meaning of back then
Would you now do similar?
Would the end be the same?
Would you want to be different?
Would you give in to his game?
Could you manage the person
Navigate troubles past
Are you more than you were
Rethought, was the old set to last?
Coming back to the present
Should you rekindle that flame?
Or go on with learned lessons
Having found what’s to blame

You Don’t Know What You’re Missing

You don’t know
What you’ve been missing
You don’t know
How good it could be
You don’t know
Because nobody told you
But now you’re with me you’ll see

There’s time for me listen
It’s not hard to hear your heart
You deserve more than you’ve been getting
Believe in us right from the start

You don’t know
What you’ve been missing
You don’t know
How good it could be
You don’t know
Because nobody told you
But now you’re with me you’ll see

I will tell you what I’m thinking
I’ll be honest, loyal and true
You deserve more than you’ve been getting
Someone who’s really into you

You don’t know
What you’ve been missing
You don’t know
How good it could be
You don’t know
Because nobody told you
But now you’re with me you’ll see

We can be close, intimate
I will worship you from head to toe
You deserve more than you’ve been getting
I’ll do everything to love you so

You don’t know
What you’ve been missing
You don’t know
How good it could be
You don’t know
Because nobody told you
But now you’re with me you’ll see

You’ll see, I love you so

You Said You Were Lonely

Stuck in traffic
No time to loose
Searching for side streets
Shortcuts to use
I set off hopeful
In plenty of time
But now I’m lost
I’m red light blind
Static, still
No closer to you
All avenues blocked
No way through
You are the reason
I got into my car
I wanted to see you
Didn’t seem all that far
Cross town in an instant
Knock at your door
Hold and embrace
That’s what loves for
You only said you were lonely
You just needed a friend
Now I’m here stuck in traffic
Will this jam never end
Ah slowly we are moving
This line in the night
I’m crawling towards you
The end is in sight
At last it’s our corner
Your street and your home
I’ve made it I’m here
You’re no longer alone
I’m telling you softly
Through action and deed
I’m here for you
Whatever you need
I’ll get out of my comfort
I’ll drive for hours and more
You are my sweetheart
The one I adore

It’s Easy to Love

It’s easy to love
It costs naught, it’s free
We all have it in us
Just try and you’ll see
If it’s hard it’s because
From breath one to now
You’ve been taught to forget
So you might not know how.
See an infant at play
A simple bundle of joy
Is filled up with love
That it easily deploys
Gives love to a parent
Embraces a bear
But we soon lose that feeling
As we grow to not care
In teenage the cool ones
Get praised by the rest
So warmth and emotion
Are put to the test
At work, in our twenties
Relations get tough
Worrying about all sorts
Does he love me enough?
So you learn to hold back
You build a brick wall
You lose how to love
Until you’re left with f all
At that point when your trust
And your joy and your hope
Are at zero, wake up
Don’t be a dope
Remember it’s easy
It takes no time to say
I love you, I love you
You’ll be better that way

Online Loving

The rules are changed
Face to face or voice to voice
Our humanity has been altered
But we each have a choice
It’s our individual decision
A knight or a troll to be
Treat others as you would yourself
Engage with the online world lovingly
There’s too much hate
Hurled from shielded IP wall
Author’s tiny effect, ego boost
Every victim made to feel small
Isolated, bullied, suppressed
After the crime there’s no case
No police to protect the victim
Give support or give chase
This isn’t right.
We’ve a common ground
Community should gather round
Insist on respect no matter who
Be responsible for what you do
Conduct code when using code
In digital or any other mode

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