Quiet before the Storm

Quiet before the storm
No sign of what’s to come
Silence, hours after dawn
Still warmth of the sun
No one seems to know
Though I’m feeling sick
Stomach shaking so
The news approaches quick
A last look into eyes
Innocent until they hear
Parents groans and sighs
The maelstrom very near
A last laugh out loud
A smile of loving care
Then into a veil of cloud
Strong winds you cannot bare
Words stick in the throat
Sound carries meanings raw
No attempt to sugar coat
The fact we are no more
What was one is now
Split and separate
No point in why or how
The break is definite
So convey the message
Say that you do feel
Keep the young ones safe
But tell them this is real
They will adapt to change
The fix here is for the best
Future happiness arranged
In two divided nests
Their eyes forever wiser
You hope their hearts will trust
You’ve been honest, fair
And your reasoning is just

Lucky Man

I’m a lucky man
Thanks to ancestors
Who made me strong
I’m a lucky man
Grateful for all I have
A life full and long

I’m a lucky man
With family and friends
Who rarely stands alone
I’m a lucky man
With loving growing kids
And a happy warm home

I’m a lucky man
Who has his health
And mind at ease
I’m a lucky man
With access to wealth
Can do as I please

I’m a lucky man
Met an amazing girl
When I least suspected
I’m a lucky man
Our love is divine
Though never expected

I’m a lucky man
I’ll be the best I can
Head high, walking tall
I’m a lucky man
Good and happy
Who gives thanks for all

Love is Patience

In a complex world of layered lives
Commitments to work, to kids and ex wives
The simplest and purest love, true peace
Needs two hearts who can be at ease
With changing plans, altered days
Perfect aims affected in mays ways
At least for a time

Then they meet, breathe, it all makes sense
Love is great, love a gift, love is patience

Distant Love

My heart is broken
Not for lack of repair
A part was removed
It’s no longer there

It’s gone overseas
To a place far away
Far cross the oceans
And there it will stay

A heart not intact
Still functions it seems
He’s gone from my country
But lives in my dreams

He’s made a new life
Has a family himself
Is successful and happy
Good health, Good wealth

But he’s not here to wrestle
To chide, tease and to play
To be brothers in arms, stand
Not let life get in the way

I miss you my brother
And the years fail to heal
The gap in my heart
Your absence I feel.

A Father’s Love

My girls are amazing
And as I sit on the beach
It’s clear to me, Everything,
I want is well within reach
I want them to be happy
I want them to be kind
To be what they desire
Strong in body and mind
As they play in the sea
Maybe hey don’t know
All they could be
And how they could grow
They can use all the have
Or only one part
Just go and be happy
Live life with your heart
Pull together, be sisters
Both different and the same
Be independent of thought
Stand up for your name
Know you are loved
By your dad who is proud
Of you both unendingly

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