He’s got people
To look out for
He’s got loves
Who furnish him with love
He’s got peace
In between the storms of life
He’s got everything
He needs to be happy


The crash
Knocked off balance

From hidden spot
Corner concealed
Has come a hammer blow
And I’m forced to yield

She’s said we are done
She says “you don’t have time”
To have her in my life
Time enough to make her mine

Hours of texting
Round and round
Now she’s said fuck off
And gone to ground

Heart ripped
Mind a mess
Cannot think
Can’t see what’s best

Don’t want to give up
Do feel what I’ve felt
But should I wait
For this ice age to melt?

There’s rage and fire
Hate and upset
She’s hurting like me
This cannot end, not yet

Falling end over end
Out of control
Don’t know what to do
To make her feel whole


With trust comes happiness
If trust is rewarded with loyalty
Believe in those close to you
Invest love and respect in them
Communicate difficulties
Make good the poor patterns of the past
Hold hands intimately and give
Let go the learned behaviour
Forget distrust for the trusted
Accept that pain may follow
But to trust is to connect
Connecting leading to belonging
Community, family, love

No Drama

At ease
No drama
Just pleased
To have met someone so
Well matched and well suited
To a together that stretches from sofa
To plans for a new year and beyond, with love
A merry Christmas and happy new future to enjoy
Her kiss, her thoughts, her voices, her eyes, her
All that’s been missing, all that’s been wanted
A person to work with to make an us and
Two happy individuals doing good
Great days and nights
A home,

Red Mist

When you’re raw, it’s hard
Hard to keep the tears in and the fears out
Days of happiness turned
On a few words.
The bright day falls to dark night
Emotions, heartache, take flight
Nothing you can do to make it right
Best to let it be.
Emerge from mist red
See what you could have done instead
Learn that what was said
Was born of love

You Said You Were Lonely

Stuck in traffic
No time to loose
Searching for side streets
Shortcuts to use
I set off hopeful
In plenty of time
But now I’m lost
I’m red light blind
Static, still
No closer to you
All avenues blocked
No way through
You are the reason
I got into my car
I wanted to see you
Didn’t seem all that far
Cross town in an instant
Knock at your door
Hold and embrace
That’s what loves for
You only said you were lonely
You just needed a friend
Now I’m here stuck in traffic
Will this jam never end
Ah slowly we are moving
This line in the night
I’m crawling towards you
The end is in sight
At last it’s our corner
Your street and your home
I’ve made it I’m here
You’re no longer alone
I’m telling you softly
Through action and deed
I’m here for you
Whatever you need
I’ll get out of my comfort
I’ll drive for hours and more
You are my sweetheart
The one I adore

Wretched Anxiety

Brain misfiring
I’m overwhelmed today
Well laid, patterned, plans
Have all gone astray.
Blame me, be unkind
Anxious attack on self
Clawingly undermined
Debilitated mental health.
In this repeated loop,
Very few can find,
Me, let alone a route
To escape an erratic mind.
Unstable, this is why
Why I’m left alone
Who would take this?
This wretched human home

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