This is your last day alone
Today is the end of your wander
Forlorn hope living on your own
Until now every chance squandered

Tonight, you meet your partner
All you have learned works out
Your self knowledge, insights garnered
Are shared, no disguise, little doubt

Electric sparks when holding hands
Attraction, chemistry ensured
Relaxed talking through life plans
Open, honest, self assured

He recognises you as potential kin
Wants to build a house, a home
Wants to help you, the situation you are in
Sounds like a match in calm warm tone

Be happy.
Believe in tonight
You might be well suited
You might.

Alive to possibilities

In a crowded room, alone I stand
Throngs of people around me flow
Rethinking the plans I have planned
Smiling happy people what do they know?

Everyone here seems different
All sorts, some connected, others solo
Players in a time and placeless scene
Repeatedly playing out wherever you go

There are the hunters and hunted
There are the social butterflies
There are those loved by almost all
There are those that most despise

Back in my room I await my one
Might walk in the door or already be here
I look around wondering where she’s gone
I’m alive to possibilities now maybe she’s near

Online date

Away from the lads for a second
He checks on his phone
Makes out like it was for the sport
Sees no message, feels alone

They’d chatted online for days
Before he’d managed to ask her
A number and a chance to meet
Different, she was like no other

They’d met in the park
A simple conversation, seemed safe
He’d over thought his lines
He’d worried she’d want to escape

It had started naturally well
They’d talked just like their texts
He’d relaxed, she’d opened up
Time had flown, neither vexed

An hour had turned into two
Coffees, holding hands, laughs
The sun had shone on them
Familiar at first meeting, no gaffs

A single kiss on parting
He’d felt a fire in his eyes
He’d texted later that night
But so far no replies.

Confused. He’s now not sure
Doesn’t know where he stands
Did she even like him?
Why doesn’t she text?
He wants to know
He wants to make plans

So he steals moments at work
To check on his phone
But until she says it went well
He feels broken, all alone

Tongue Tied

Tongue tied
Words stopped
Brain fried
Flow cropped
No easy chat
No simple topic
Will fear combat
To launch our epic
Not until I say
The throat stuck
Buried away
Burgeoning crux
A year of knowing
Months of us
Long time growing
Sometimes discussed
But now, dumbstruck
No other, no maybe
Will do.
I love you my baby.

Punk Rocker Daydream

A regular morning
Commute on the tube
Head down to Euston
Melancholy mood
Then in walks a daydream
Rock and roll chic
A glance in my direction
A stud through her cheek
Mascara, Heavy lipstick
Jeans, boots and all
She smiles at me
That’s it, I’m in her thrall
She’s different, exotic
Not like the rest
Leather jacket, punk rocker
An open string vest
Black hair over her eye line
Studs all round her cuff
Her satchel graffiti
Her look familiar but rough
We pull into Euston
“Excuse me” I say
My punk rocker daydream
Just gets out of the way
Not sure how to ask her
Was the Smile something more?
I will look out tomorrow
For her, at the sliding door

Momentary Love

Street scene, approaching lady light
She didn’t smile when she passed
Walked right on by, hope as I might
No turning to admit a love that would last

We made no contact, no awareness
But still there’s something yearning in me
A connection likely just of the eye
No way that this momentary love might be

How can I feel so soon?
This is no learing letching stare
To my love, this echo does not compare
This is a function of a heart laid bare

Raw nerves floundering at my surface
Open, exposed to every passerby
Indiscriminately seeking purpose
Can’t turn off feeling but I try

Love having been flexed is strong
But with no you, has no where to go
So as I walk into work on Tuesday
I fall momentarily for people I don’t know

Tube Surprise

Human haze,
Tube packed,
Commuter daze,
Spaces stacked,
Rumbling progress
Grumbling mass
Station after station
Rolling past
Then stop.
Doors open
Shining light
Smiles abound
Like day from night
A swish of hair
A quiet look
She enters
Ground shook
Corner rail
My hand by hers
Raging thoughts
Love whispers
Phone immersed
Hidden eyes
My waking dream
Tube surprise.

Happy ever after

Twisting tales of love
Boy and girl embroiled
In quest, true and pure
In adventure, evil foiled

Where hearts are exposed
No soft fairy story exists
Lives at stake, battles fought
With so much at risk.

Fail and face a life
With a soul mate lost
Succeed and rapture find
Existence, joy reinforced

Understand your plot
Check the tale you are in
Disney cute or crooked dark,
Brooding from brothers Grimm

Be sure whatever you see
Go forth with blessed hope
Stay open of true heart
Two souls may yet elope

Let down your scaling hair
From your lonely tower high
Keep watch for kindred folk
The good twist for you is nigh

Over the horizon comes
Your knight in shining armour
Be bold, ready in yourself
Embrace the positive drama

Know who you are, be strong
Have learned what’s key for you
Happy ever after is there
But it depends on what you do

My Barista Glance

Woke up this morning
Processed down the street
Said good morning to someone
That twice daily I greet

Got to the station
But popped out for a drink
Now a smile for my barista
Is making me think

She’s paid to be friendly
To make the talk small
Which probably means
She feels nothing at all

She smiles at her client
Whoever they be
The look for one moment
Wasn’t special you see

But. However tiny it is
There’s the smallest chance
That more was meant
Than just an amicable glance

She’s been nice before
Made coffee for free
Shared plans for the weekend
Maybe she’s sweet on me

We’ve touched hands, albeit fleeting
When passed drinks or my change
Perhaps she wants to be asked
Perhaps this thought isn’t so strange

Now. However tiny it is
There’s the smallest chance
That more was meant
Than just an amicable glance

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